Municipal analysis 2012

Municipal analysis 2012


This is the second time that the County Governor has invited our 25 municipalities to go through a local analysis of their local systems and programs for services for children and youths.


Our municipal analysis is based on a model to help various local professions to establish systems, programs and arenas for cooperation, early intervention and interdisciplinary meetings.


In 2012 we hoped to be able to see how and to what extent our municipalities had developed their services since the first analysis in 2009.


We challenged them to answer 43 questions (which you will see in our light blue layout). Besides we asked our municipalities to:


  1. Make sure that the leadership (Mayor and leaders of the administration) secured that every question should be discussed in interdisclipinary meeting (also with personell from schools and kindergardens)
  2. Give a statement for positive or negative changes in local services since 2009 – and also a description of results/efforts of projects financed by money from the County Governor for the period of 2009-2011.
  3. Point out 3-5 areas with particular needs for change
  4. Present the local analysis in political meetings
  5. Present the analysis, (especially step 1) for Youth Councils or other meetings for children.



We hope to be able to make a total report for Troms County before the end of February. This will then be presented in different meetings and conferences throughout 2013 and hopefully in a national conference in Tromsø in November, where we hope to present reports also from other Counties in Norway if the good work has been successfully spread around Norway by other County Governors).


The Governor of Troms has now been given the role and responsibility to work as the “national pilot” for the Giant Leap-program the next two years.

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